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        Industrial Internet is the key foundation to realize intelligent valve manufacturing
        Column:Industry Dynamics Time:2019-08-23

        On July 1, the State Council issued the Guiding Opinions on "Internet+Action", which clearly put forward the promotion of intelligent manufacturing, mass customization, networked collaborative manufacturing and service-oriented manufacturing in key areas, and the development of a new mode of collaborative manufacturing based on the Internet. Industrial Internet is the key foundation of intelligent valve manufacturing and the core element of Internet + system.

        Industrial Internet is an "end-pipe cloud" architecture consisting of "intelligent machine", "network", "industrial cloud platform". It can realize all-round connection and interaction between machine and machine, machine and human, and human. This kind of interconnection is not a simple transfer of data and information flow, but a combination of intelligent hardware, big data, machine learning and knowledge discovery technology. It extends the intelligent control of single machine and part of key links to the whole process of valve production, and promotes the realization of self-organization, self-decision and self-adaptation of machine without manual intervention. Production has laid the foundation of interconnection for the realization of intelligent manufacturing like valves.

        Industrial Internet makes production definable. Traditional valve production relies heavily on fixed dies and production lines. Raw materials, machines, equipment groups and other production facilities are allocated according to the maximum production demand. It is easy to cause great waste in idle production period and can not be flexibly adjusted and allocated in production process. Under the condition of industrial internet, intelligent control of machine and open source hardware is accomplished by software, and the chain of intelligent control is extended to every link of production through interconnection, which promotes the transformation of production process to intelligent direction through software definition, management and execution. For example, the software can calculate the production demand, flexibly adjust the stock of raw materials; can upgrade the machine function, increase its production capacity and scope of application; can achieve intelligent allocation of equipment, on-demand configuration of its production tasks and workload, and ultimately achieve intelligent production.

        Industrial Internet makes production dynamic adjustable. The production process collaboration of traditional valve enterprises can only achieve small-scale collaboration among different departments and workshops within the enterprise. Industrial Internet breaks through time and space boundaries, integrates supply chain, customer relationship, manufacturing execution, enterprise resources and other systems, establishes information sharing platform for enterprises and partners in the whole supply chain, expands production process collaboration to the whole supply chain or even across the supply chain, and realizes the advantages of the whole production process. The network configuration of resources and superior enterprises has realized the real socialized large-scale collaborative production.

        At present, China's industrial Internet construction has begun. We should concentrate our efforts on breaking through a number of key core technologies, combining with the implementation of major scientific and technological projects, and accelerate the conquering of key technologies in the perception layer, network layer and application layer of industrial Internet. Perception layer is the terminal link of industrial Internet to identify objects and collect information. It includes not only intelligent terminal information acquisition technology for various kinds of production, such as machines, equipment groups, production lines, but also RFID tags, sensors, cameras, two-dimensional bar codes, remote sensing and other sensing terminal information acquisition technology. Network layer is the central link of information transmission and processing in industrial Internet. The network layer includes the integration technology of heterogeneous industrial networks, the IQ technology of industrial equipment and products, the access and utilization technology of large industrial data, and the architecture technology of industrial Internet. The application layer is the platform link of industrial Internet supporting intelligent application and realizing extensive intellectualization. It realizes intelligent decision through information processing and provides complete solutions. It mainly involves embedded control technology with control attributes and various software and hardware tools platforms with interactive attributes. When the industrial Internet has not yet formed, and there is no uniform international standards and technical specifications, product platform, it is necessary to positively deploy the system research and test network of the industrial Internet through the test bed. Local parks, valve manufacturers, information technology enterprises and telecommunications operators are encouraged to cooperate to build low-latency, high-reliability industrial Internet test bed for intelligent production lines, intelligent workshops and intelligent factories. Supporting the construction of industrial Internet test network with multi-location, multi-participation, security and reliability in areas where conditions permit, and providing verification services for basic research, technological innovation and application innovation in the field of industrial Internet. We will carry out application demonstrations in important industrial sectors, encourage leading enterprises to strengthen cooperation with scientific research institutions, carry out collaborative research and application demonstrations, explore new modes of industrial Internet application, and form a number of industrial internets with industry characteristics.

        Industrial Internet involves the integration of heterogeneous networks, system integration, equipment interconnection and security. It is urgent to organize all parties to speed up the formulation of standardization roadmap and determine the standard framework. To study and formulate relevant standards for interconnection and interoperability between industrial Internet and heterogeneous networks, and to formulate data interface standards, industrial bus standards, product coding standards and relevant application service standards for industrial Internet within enterprises, between enterprises and users, between upstream and downstream enterprises of industrial chain and enterprises. Establish and improve standards and norms for the integration of basic data and product identification management between Internet and manufacturing industry. We will accelerate the development of information and network security standards for industrial control and industrial Internet. Enterprises are encouraged to participate in standard-setting, promote the formation of cross-industry and cross-domain standardization cooperation mechanism, and carry out pilot demonstration of standard industry application. We will accelerate the development of standards in the areas of energy Internet and high-precision sensor networks.

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